Our People

Jeff Miller yoga

Dr. Jeff Miller, Studio Director, Director of Teacher Training, Yoga Instructor, Councillor, Psychotherapist, Coach

BA(Hons) PhD(Psychology) E-RYT500

Jeff, the founder of Botannix Yoga Studio, is a highly experienced instructor with over 600 hours of formal yoga teacher training qualifications, studying with number of renowned gurus including Donna Farhi, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone, Alana Kaivalya, Katie Manitsas, David Life and Sharon Gannon. He is a certified Lotus Flow and Jivamukti Yoga Instructor and is highly-regarded for his creative and thoughtful approach to yoga and his ability to make the ancient teachings relevant to a wide range of people living in the modern western world. Jeff, a doctor of psychology with a specialization in interpersonal relationships, carries with him an in depth understanding of human nature.  He combines this knowledge with the ancient techniques of yoga, creating a practice that is personal, heartfelt, uplifting and spiritually supportive.  He is known for his focus on self-inquiry, kindness and acceptance, and generosity as a path to greater health, happiness connectedness. His classes involve a fun and insightful journey through creatively sequenced postures, set to uplifting soundtracks, leaving you enlivened, renewed and awakened to your true self.

Andrew yoga

Andrew Stevenson, Director

Andrew grew up in a garden. After studying horticulture and spending many years working in orchards, nurseries and gardens a plenty, he went on to complete a diploma in Architectural Technology and earned his Structural Landscaping license which became the cornerstone of Botannix Landscape Design and Construction, founded in Sydney 2002. With his husband, Jeff, he created a successful landscaping business operating under the belief that a household garden should be a refuge from life’s daily dramas and a place for connecting with nature, family, friends and self. Now a dedicated yoga practitioner, gardener and host extraordinaire, Andy can often be found tending to his gardens at Botannix while sharing his humorous insights about life. When not at Botannix at Botany, Andy spends his time hosting guests at Vanam Retreat, Mt Victoria, in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Lori Dahm, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Discovering yoga while traveling in India some 15 years ago, Lori began her lifelong pursuit of yoga, finding it to be a helpful compass on her own journey of personal transformation. She completed the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care College in Sydney (2006) studying under Mark Bredner, Sally Flynn and Sinder Kaur. Lori’s passion is to share yoga as a tool for awakening to our own true nature. Her classes aim to create a sacred space for students in which healing on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – can unfold. She welcomes students of all abilities, emphasizing acceptance of self and honouring personal boundaries and needs. Lori incorporates meditative practices  into her classes, being inspired by the teachings of both Eckhart Tolle and Sally Kempton.

Karen yoga

Karen Milton, Yoga Instructor

For Karen, a mother of two young boys, yoga is about creating space, softness and strength and cultivating a sense of kindness towards self and others. She teaches in a way that promotes a deep sense of self-awareness and believes that yoga’s true power lies in it’s lessons of self-acceptance and compassion. According to Karen, “Postures are not something to be achieved through struggle and strain; rather they provide the opportunity to accept ourselves as we are, where we are. Yoga is not about flexibility, but presence and awareness, kindness and compassion”. After many years of practicing yoga, including Bikram, Power, and hatha vinyasa, Karen found Botannix Yoga Studio where she has practiced regularly since 2010. In 2013, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Botannix Yoga under the guidance of Jeff Miller. In July 2015 Karen undertook a 100 hour Yin yoga training with Melanie McLaughlin which deepened her passion and connection with yin yoga. Knowing first-hand how yoga can help with every aspect of life, she is honoured to share her passion for this time-honoured tradition.

Erika Morton yoga

Erika Morton, Yoga Instructor

Erika began practicing yoga in the early 90s and after a life-changing visit to India, started to see yoga in a different light. Accentuating yoga as a process of mind-body connection that brings peace of mind, she strives to make her classes fun, real and light –hearted and creates a place where you can listen to your body and honor the idea that ‘less is more’ while at the same time gently challenging yourself to find your true boundaries, rather than succumb to life long habits of restriction. She recalls taking her mother to a yoga class and realizing how much the elderly could benefit from these practices. This awakened a calling to teach Yoga for Seniors. Yoga helps seniors navigate the challenging transitions that come with the later stage of life. Erika’s classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility and life injuries, with modifications to suit the individual offered for each pose, allowing the development of strength, flexibility, balance, the ability to relax and breathe, as well as greater sense of personal confidence.

Carla Burke, Yoga Instructor

Carla has loved the practice of yoga for many years. First introduced to it over ten years ago, she found that it went beyond physical movement and created space to relieve stress and enter the spiritual realm of the mind. Carla’s classes unite the body, mind, and breath, with each asana becoming an access point to understanding our nature and ourselves. She believes this makes yoga a relevant practice for all, no matter what the individual is looking for. Carla completed her 200hr Teaching Training at Botannix in 2015 and welcomes you to come practice with her, experiencing yoga in a new way.

Amy Sadgrove, Yoga Instructor

Amy completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Botannix Yoga under the guidance of Jeff Miller in 2015. That was the start of a beautiful friendship with Lotus Flow – a signature style created by Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Trixie Flynn, co-founders of Laughing Lotus. Amy has since completed advanced trainings with both Dana and Jasmine.

Amy has grown up with a strong sense of community. “I think a strong, local community reflects the people living in it. Having an integrated, caring network is something I strive to develop for myself, my family and friends, and my neighbours”.

Amy loves learning – whether it be a language, skill or subject, the process of acquiring the information is addictive. “I wish there were more hours in the day to pursue my drumming career, sharpen my culinary skills, and develop my every-day French conversation”

Amy sees yoga in all aspects in life and her intention is to continue to develop as a teacher to offer this sense of being to others. She hopes that her classes can bring an overall sense of uplifting and that they are accessible to all, no matter what you may be going through in your own life.

Sanchia Bull, Yoga Instructor

Sanchia completed the Botannix 200 hour teacher training program with Jeff Miller in 2015. She has practiced yoga for many years, experiencing Hatha Vinyasa, Power, Bikram, and Yoga Synergy methods, but it took the discovery of Botannix Yoga for Sanchia to develop a more committed Yoga practice. With 10 years full-time experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Sanchia recognises that the first step towards recovery is the individual’s awareness of their condition and how their body works. She believes that any seemingly complicated problem can be simplified with awareness and understanding. In addition to completing her Remedial Massage Diploma, Sanchia has also completed studies in Zen Shiatsu, Ki Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy and remedial practice; she was a corporate PA for many years; she is and always was a country girl first. As Sanchia embarks on her new profession as a Yoga Instructor, her intention is to bring her previous life and new life experiences to the Yoga floor with enthusiasm and fun.

Sarah Benton, Yoga Instructor

Sarah has been a dedicated Yoga practitioner for over 20 years. Working with a number of styles from Igenyer , and  Ki Yoga;  she had a  long term practice of Ashtanga vinyasya which she loved for the self discipline that the practice brings as well as  physical and mental  development. However, Sarah loves the flow, freedom and dance of the Lotus flow and has been practicing at Botannix Yoga over the last 4 years.

Interested in linking aspects of her previous study to inform her teaching, Sarah likes to draw on tools from her Shiatsu background as a further insight into understanding the self and making links to the natural world. Her aim is to try and make classes uplifting and to plug into the body’s good chemistry.

Sally Foley, Yoga Instructor

Sally is a lover of yoga and the joy and steadiness it brings on and off the mat. A believer that yoga is meditation through movement, Sally enjoys leading a safe exploration of flexibility and strength through the physical side of yoga and has found that with practice these qualities manifest in the mind too, helping to create greater mental clarity, compassion and self-expression.

Interwoven in philosophy, meditation and pranayama, Sally’s classes invite you to leave your day at the door so you can dive within and emerge connected with the truest version of you. Inspired by the ocean of wisdom that is the Botannix teaching group, Sally is grateful to have found this sacred space and for the opportunity to bring yoga to the beautiful Botannix community. Sally hopes to move and breathe with you on the mat soon.

Ruth Sanger, Yoga Instructor

Ruth completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Botannix Yoga under the guidance of Jeff Miller in 2017, followed by the Botannix mentorship program. She discovered yoga some 20 years prior and had an intermittent practice for many years including hatha, vinyasa flow, Power, and Iyengar, often experiencing these practices in different global locales during her travels.

Ruth discovered Botannix Yoga in 2015 – the joys of Lotus Flow, the serenity and softness of Yin, the stillness of meditation – and thus the seeds of a more committed personal practice were sown.  Away from the mat Ruth is a policy maker, strategic planner, change agent, social justice advocate, feminist, and parent.  Each of these aspects of her life have drawn her to engage in tools for personal growth, transformation, understanding of self, our connections with each other and the world we live in.  She sees personal transformation as a forerunner to any wider social change.

Ruth seeks to incorporate these teachings in a nourishing yoga practice that emphasises collaboration (not force) and includes meditation and pranayama to nurture a sense of uplift, insight and calm. She is deeply inspired by the entire Botannix teaching group and looks forward to practicing with you in the garden!

Jo Sinclair, Yoga Instructor

I feel so blessed to have lived by the energy of the ocean all my life. (55 years).

I guess my yoga journey began as a small child, watching my mother practise yoga with Swami Sarasvati on the television, (The over 45’s may remember that). Since then, my life, with all its ups and downs, has always been meshed with, health, fitness, and a strong interest in the spiritual essence of life. Hatha, Bikram and Yin, are all yoga practices I have practiced, investigated, and admire.

I lost my husband 3 years ago, to brain tumours. During his illness, I introduced him to Meditation. We enjoyed the sense of calm and quiet, warmth and connection, that comes with meditation, the practise assisted us, and continues to nourish me immensely.

The discipline and self-awareness that comes with the study of yoga is what attracted me to Yoga Teacher Training. My friends and fellow yogi’s, Natalie Almond of Anahata Yoga, and Jules Broker, of Flow and Flourish, nurtured and guided me to Jeff Miller. So grateful. I completed my 200hr yoga teaching Training with Dr Jeff Miller of Botannix Yoga Botany, in July 2017. In June 2018, completed a mentorship with Jeff Miller to assist expand and deepen my knowledge, and my ability to share it. Enormous respect given to my teacher, Dr Jeff Miller.

I am excited and so looking forward to sharing my knowledge, and assisting others on our journey, to the mind body spirit connection.

Brooke Duncan, Yoga Instructor

Brooke’s yoga journey began around 15 years ago as a tool to balance out the stress of her corporate career. After climbing the ladder but feeling deeply unsatisfied, Brooke left her high heels and 60 hour working weeks behind to dive more deeply into her practice and journey back to wellbeing.

Brooke completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Dr Jeff Miller in 2017 and a further 60 hour mentorship under the guidance of Jeff in 2018.

Brooke enjoys spending time studying the Yoga Sutra’s, exploring meditation and mindfulness and incorporating Ayurveda into her daily life and yoga practice. Her classes will lead you on a healing journey, leaving you feeling deeply nourished and at peace.

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