Welcome to Botannix Yoga and thank you for taking the time to visit us. At Botannix Yoga we see yoga as a way of life, to be practices both on the mat and off the mat. We welcome people of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. The practices can be adapted to suit anyone, regardless of fitness or flexibility, age, ethnicity, religion or body type. We encourage a non-competitive approach to the practices and support each individual on his/her own personal journey.

Expect to feel both calm and energised at the end of a class. You may find you sleep better, cope better with stress and experience improved concentration and creativity. You will also feel stronger, more balanced and more comfortable in your mind and body and you may notice you are more tolerant, kinder and more fun to be around.

What kind of yoga does Botannix Yoga offer?

Most of our classes are vinyasa style classes where we link the movement of the body with the movement of the body into creatively designed flowing sequences. These classes follow a general overall structure, providing a balanced, cohesive and enjoyable practice. Classes vary in levels but most are taught in mix-level format offering gentler poses and building to more challenging variations. Students are encouraged to work at their own level. See class descriptions for more information. 

I am an absolute beginner. Where should I start?

As a beginner (or someone returning to yoga after a break) there are a number of options available. We strongly recommend starting with one of our Beginner Courses, which are designed to provide the foundations you need for a safe and enjoyable experience — it is for total beginners. As well as introducing you to the physical yoga practice (asana), we will spend time exploring yoga philosophy and what it means to live a yogic lifestyle. We will de-mystify these ancient and powerful teachings and investigate how they lead you to a life of greater happiness, health and well-being.

If for any reason the Beginner Course is not available for you, we would suggest, the “Gentle Yoga”, “Yin” and “Open Flow” drop-in classes. For more information, see class descriptions.

How do I prepare for my first class?

Come prepared to have a bit of fun, most importantly! Ensure you are hydrated and do not eat for at least 1.5-2 hours before class. We recommend you try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts so you have time to sign in and get settled!

I’m really inflexible – can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Inflexibility or stiffness in the body is one of the most common reasons people take up yoga.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

It’s a good idea to have your own but we do have mats available for use in the studio for a $2 donation. You can purchase mats at our studio if you’d like to.

What should I wear/bring?

We have everything at the studio that you need for the practice. Wear comfortable clothes.

Light, loose fitting clothing that will not restrict your movement is ideal. For the comfort of everyone, please ensure your clothing is not too revealing. Be prepared to sweat in our Open and Lotus Flow Classes. Shoes are not allowed in our Yoga studio.

What level of class should I attend?

Classes vary in terms of the level of physical challenge. See class descriptions for more details.

How long are the classes?

Our classes vary from 60, 75 and 90 minutes in length.

How often should I attend?

For maximum benefits, a daily practice is ideal. However, we realize that life can be busy so we recommend you develop a regular and sustainable routine. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week. The more you practice, like anything, the more effective the practice will be. In short, practice as often as you can.

How many people will there be in the classes?

Classes vary in terms of their popularity. We are a boutique studio, allowing a maximum of 23 people in any class. This ensures you get enough attention to ensure you are operating safely and effectively, without getting lost in the crowds seen at many of the mainstream studios.

How do I get access to the studio?

The studio is at 43 Queen Street, Botany. You’ll find the door to our foyer at the top of a few steps next to the cafe. We try to minimise distractions for students  so they can focus on their practice while they’re in our beautiful space, for this reason please note that if you are late for any class you will not be able to participate.

I have an injury – can I do yoga safely?

If you have an injury, you’ll need to get the all-clear from a qualified medical practitioner. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific circumstances. Private sessions are available and are often the best option for dealing with injuries. 

Can I come to Yin/Meditation if I am a beginner?

Absolutely! Our Yin classes offer a wonderfully restorative experience based on relaxation and deep stretching, perfect for cultivating a peaceful mind and finding true balance in life, and are suitable for everyone. Meditation classes are a perfect complement to your yoga asana practice, helping you to find inner peace and clarity in your busy life.

Do I need to book to attend classes?

Most classes are available on a drop-in basis without booking. However, spaces are limited and bookings will ensure a spot is held for you. You can pre-book online via the website or via the Botannix Yoga MindbodyConnect App. Please be aware that you will be charged a no-show fee for the class if you book but do not attend.  Courses and workshops need to be pre-booked.

Can I claim back for my yoga classes?

At this stage, yoga classes are not claimable.

Can I bring my son/daughter to a class?

We invite children aged 12 or over to attend Yoga classes with a parent or guardian. Children aged 16 or over are welcome to attend solo. Concession rates apply.

Do you offer private classes?

Absolutely! Just email your enquiry to Anne at yoga@botannix.com

What is meditation and relaxation?

Our meditation and relaxation classes explore a range of different techniques that will give you the space to be mindful, calm your mind and find peace and clarity. These classes typically involve some gentle asana followed by guided meditation.

Is there parking available?

There is plenty of free on-street parking available around our studio

I am pregnant, can I practice at Botannix Yoga?

At times we offer specialist pre-natal classes, courses and workshops. If these options are not available to you, you may attend open flow, gentle hatha and yin classes at Botannix Yoga if you have the all-clear from your doctor. Please inform your teacher before your practice.

Will I feel sore after class?

Yoga practices use muscles that you may not be aware you have so chances are you may be sore a day or 2 after practicing, particularly if you are new to yoga. This tends to diminish over time.

Ready? Go check out the schedule. We’ll see you on the mat! 

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