Meet the Teachers – Melissa Rosina and Nicole Amdur

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Posted on August 28, 2018

In this special Meet the Teacher feature, we get to know the delightful duo: Melissa Rosina and Nicole Amdur.

So Mel, tell us a little about your journey through yoga so far…

I love yoga, and not just asana. I am a mantra enthusiast and student for over ten years and continue to explore this sacred practice with curiousity, devotion and joy. I’m honoured to share these precious teachings and I’m forever grateful to my teachers: Sharon Gannon, Anna Laurita, Katie Manitsas, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Idit Hefer.

And what about you Nic? A little introduction?

I have been practicing yoga for twelve years and have watched my practice grow so much in that time – from asana to a huge love of Bhakti yoga. I was introduced to Kirtan through my teacher Keith Kempis and fell completely in love with the power of Mantra and devotion! My other teachers include Mark Breadner, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Idit Hefer.

So how did you guys meet?

We met at an advanced teacher training on bhakti (devotion) and connected over our love of Hanuman and our love of all things Bhakti Yoga. We adore opening our hearts and showing our love and devotion through this practice and sharing these experiences with students through workshops and retreats.

“Bhakti yoga isn’t something you join, it’s love. It means falling in love.” – Krishna Das

And for those Botannix yogis who aren’t too familiar with kirtan, what is it to you?

Kirtan is a gathering, a satsang, where we connect through mantra, to each other, to ourselves and to something much greater than ourselves. The word mantra means to ‘transverse the mind’ to go beyond the unruly thinking brain and find a place of openness, love, bliss. It is a beautiful practice that uplifts us with bhav (divine mood) and allows us to go deeper within. Please join us, absolutely no experience required!

Mel and Nic will be leading a kirtan in the Garden on Friday 14th Sep 7pm – 9pm. Please book in through 

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