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Posted on December 8, 2018

This month we had chat to teacher Jo Day. Jo’s classes are infused with joy and structure and you’ll find her covering classes at Botannix in the lead up to Christmas. She hopes to see you in the Garden soon!

Jo, how did your yoga journey start?
My yoga journey started around 17 years ago through meditation , when I started my Buddhist practice and study. I then found the yoga mat to relieve me of my sore back from being a hairstylist and fell deeply in love!

What yoga practice or practices are you drawn to?
Anything that stills the mind! Ashtanga was the first yoga I started practicing and I still love a dynamic flowing yoga practice, although every day is different depending on how I feel.

How has yoga helped you off the mat?
It is a constant reminder to continue to be the best possible version of myself, to be present and open.
When life gets crazy it is my soul sanctuary and anchors me to my true authentic self

What keeps you coming back to the Garden?
I love everything about the garden, I feel a instant sense of calm, I’m a huge plant/nature lover. My family recently moved from having a garden which we spent a lot of time in, to an apartment, so I love being in the studio, feeling the breeze waft in and the sounds of birds and bugs.


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