Meet the Student – Laura Buckton

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Posted on June 12, 2018

We catch up with Laura and pick her brain about what she loves about Botannix Yoga!

I have been practicing yoga at Botannix for almost 2 years and it is clear that there is something truly special about this little community. I had been doing pilates since my late teens, but I found myself looking for something more to help me calm my mind and unhook from daily stresses. Each teacher has their own unique style and no class is ever the same. Through consistent practice I have learned to be accepting and patient, whilst staying disciplined and determined to rise to challenges. As a scientist, I like to think of yoga and science as different lenses through which we can observe and understand ourselves and the world around us. While these lenses are different in many ways, I think there is value and beauty in looking at life through both.

– Laura Buckton

Thank you for your contribution, Laura and for your beautiful presence in our Garden studio!

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