Autumn Yin Workshop with Karen Milton

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Posted on February 18, 2019

Join Karen for a nourishing 2 hour Autumn yin yoga workshop

The Autumn’s cooler temperatures and shortened daylight hours signal the growing dominance of yin, so get ready to ground down and go deep.

This yin sequence of poses will focus on the lungs and large intestine, incorporating the upper body, developing a mindful self awareness through longer holds and stillness within each posture.

Focusing on the breath and channelling the chi energy through the meridian system, offers a releasing and medicinal practice which will help you have personal confidence, willingness to endure and encounter difficulty with more ease.

This is an ideal opportunity to be nourished in a safe environment where physical, emotional and mental healing may occur.

Leave feeling relaxed and replenished

When: Sunday, 31st March, 1.30pm – 3.30pm, The Ganesha Garden Studio
Investment: $50.00 members/$55 non-members

Suitable for students of all levels. Limited spaces so bookings are essential, you can book online here.


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