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Posted on August 15, 2017

I live a hop, skip and a jump away from Botannix since they swooped into our neighbourhood and transformed a very greasy corner takeaway into the leafy oasis we enjoy today.

I’ve always felt yoga to be a worthwhile practice but had never seriously committed myself to it until my body began to fail me and threatened my ability to function in my work and in what had always been a physically active life.  I found myself looking forward to a painful old age with osteoarthritis, repetitive strain injury to my elbows, sharp pains in my wrists due to carpel tunnel syndrome and sharp pain in my ankles.  I consumed various lotions and potions and was having regular acupuncture which allowed me to function but my problems persisted.

Finally, I got myself through the door of Botannix.  I’d decided to go regularly and see what happened.  After only five classes I felt a noticeable difference.  Very quickly my pain lessened and when it disappeared altogether I was convinced of the healing power of yoga.  There seems to be so many aspects to this healing.  My night cramps and pins and needles also went away.  I could sleep again, like a baby, hooray!!!!!

Although the impetus for my practice was conquering physical pain and this in itself is huge, what I discovered was much more than a physical cure.  I found a wealth of talented teachers who bring such joy and wisdom with them; whose lives have been deeply enriched by their practice and who joyfully share it.  I’ve been a beneficiary of this generosity and my family and friends, by association, have too. The effect on this little life has been a sense of buoyancy that is not easily undermined.  A profound sense of gratitude that pervades nearly everything I do and which leads to a joyful approach to each and every day.  I’m quite sure I’m a better human for it. I’m certainly happy, hence the big smile each time I walk through the door of this precious little yoga studio.

P.S. Just as I was nervously beginning to take classes a group of new teachers, having recently completed the teachers training course at the centre, were taking their first tentative steps into teaching a class. I often found myself the only student, a creaky old one at that, in a class where the novice teachers were either Amy, Carla, or Sanchia.  It has been a privilege to watch these committed seekers develop into wonderful teachers who now stand strong, well-rounded yet ever growing teachers.  Each bringing their own idiosyncratic and very delightful flavour to class.

Vicky runs her own business keeping chef’s knives sharp all over Sydney!

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