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Posted on June 13, 2017

We caught up with Sally Foley to talk about all things yoga! Sally is in her final stages of the Botannix Yoga Teacher Training and we wish her all the best for her final exams next week!

How did you first arrive at Botannix Yoga?

In late 2015 we moved to Botany, just a short stroll from Botannix. I was returning to yoga after having a child and trying out studios in the area and Botannix was next up.

What was it about Botannix Yoga that made you keep returning? 

The approachable and knowledgeable teachers, the lush, spiritual space and overall the integration of philosophy into every class. I’d done yoga for years but it wasn’t until I’d started at Botannix that I began to really incorporate it in daily life. I really appreciated that I walked away from each class having learnt something new about yoga and myself.

When you heard about Teacher Training, what was your initial thoughts around it?

I honestly thought I wasn’t “good” enough to be a yoga teacher, I thought things like, “I can’t even get into crow, I don’t deserve to do the course let alone teach”. I also worried about what people would think about me doing teacher training… yet I’d look at Jeff and the Botannix teachers, observe how their classes made me feel off the mat – that is light, joyful and content – and I knew I had to have some of what they were on! Around that time I heard a quote on a yoga podcast – that you hold the key to your own prison – and I decided the time was right and that I had to make it happen.

Now that you are at the end of the training, how has your perception changed?

Asana is just one small piece of the yoga puzzle. I think anyone who wants to know more about the whole of yoga and being reunited with your true self is already “good” enough to do the training.

Personally, what do you think is the main benefit of taking the plunge and deepening your experience of Yoga?

The benefits are endless! But for me learning how to let go by understanding the eight limbs of yoga, practicing that understanding in life and feeling happy and free in doing so is transformative. Transformative is a word kept popping up at our class immersion in the Mountains last week. The warm, close connection we’ve made as a group is also an immense benefit and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Botannix Yoga is offering another Teacher Training  course in July 2017. For all the details, please head to the TT page


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