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Sacred Feminine Goddess Series with Lori

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Posted on September 15, 2018

Durga Goddess Workshop with Lori Dahm

The Goddess Durga is the form of the Divine Feminine (otherwise referred to as Shakti) that represents the energy of Strength and Protection. When we invoke this aspect of the Divine Feminine we are calling on our own innate capacity of inner strength and courage.

The Goddess Durga helps us to move through our difficulties, to access the inner strength and courage needed to overcome the inner obstacles (limitations) of the ego which can keep us stuck and limited. Through her deep transformative Shakti, the Goddess Durga can helps us to overcome and dissolve these deep shadowy aspects of the ego. When we are able to open to this transformative power of the Durga Shakti, we are opening to our capacity to live our life from the place of deep empowerment and love.

In this workshop we will learn how to call on our own inner Durga through the practices of mantra, myth, asana and meditation.

Durga is considered one of the most powerful forms of the Divine Feminine. When we can align with this aspect of the Divine Feminine we are igniting an inner transformative fire for change. As we move into the season of Spring, which is a time of renewed energy and possibility, the Durga Shakti can support us in whatever it is that we are seeking to transform in our experience. She can help us to both dissolve whatever holds us back and to feel the empowerment and courage to open to new possibilities

When: Sunday, 14th October 2pm – 4pm

$45.00 per person

$40 monthly members

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