Sacred Feminine Goddess Series with Lori

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Posted on July 24, 2018

Saraswati Goddess Workshop with Lori Dahm

The Sacred Feminine is the power of life – that which creates and manifests everything. She is both within us and around us. In this series of 4 workshops, we will explore the Sacred Feminine through the faces of the Wisdom Goddesses. Each Goddess offers a unique gift of empowerment that can be transformational as it guides us along the path of Awakening. Through mantra, postures and guided mediations we will connect to these potent energies.

Saraswati – Goddess of Wisdom and Intuition

She holds the power to bring forth the highest form of wisdom and knowledge, and shows us the path to inspired expression and creativity.

When: Sunday, 12th August 2pm – 4pm

$45.00 per person

$40 monthly members

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